October 10, 2007


SAN PABLO CITY - The 13th Coconut Festival and Fair will be held on January 7 – 15, 2008 according to City Administrator Loreto S. Amante, Chairman of the City Coconut Festival Committee. It will feature the Mardi Gras or Street Dancing Contest, an activities which place San Pablo City as a tourist destination under the Programs of the Department of Tourism, and accredited or recognized by the National Historical Institute.

To coincide with the weeklong commemoration of the 412th Anniversary of the Founding of the Parish of Saint Paul, The First Hermit, which is now the seat of the Diocese of San Pablo, Inc., the other activities are the nightly cultural presentation and musical extravaganza, and beer plaza to be sponsored by various commercial corporations, as well as by the Office of the Provincial Governor, Amante reported.

The annual Mardi Gras is consider as the city’s largest public festival participated by students and special groups donned in attire made from parts of coconut tree, that after the street dancing activities, visitors can retire at the beer plaza to join the lively celebration by eating, drinking, and dancing to the tune being played by various bands and musical groups.

Besides overflowing malt beer, San Pablo being referred to before World War II as the “Coconut Queen City of the Philippines,” one could taste scrumptious coconut pies, and shop for coconut-inspired crafts.

Seven Lakes International, a federation of associations of San Pableños in the United States, Canada, and Europe, headed by Canada-based Businessman Leo Cunanan, who will be holding their 6th Biennial Convention in this city, is expected to have their own float and will participate in the Mardi Gras.

According to Vice President Sandy Belarmino of the Seven Lakes Press Corps, chairman of the public relations committee, exhibits and sponsorship of shows and other activities will be open to all, and lock-out sponsorship will not be allowed, since the festival and fair is a revival of the cultural activities prevalent in this city before World War II where every body must be welcome.(RET)

October 8, 2007


Receiving awards as an Outstanding City Mayor is seem already a routine for Mayor Vicente B. Amante as the 5th Elected City Mayor of San Pablo according to former City Population Officer Lolita S. Dayo, who served as City Nutrition Action Officer from 1983 to 2005 when she reached the mandatory retirement age.

When he assumed office as Mayor on June 30, 1992, among his initial actions was to recommend the creation of the Office of the City Administrator, Office of the City Population Officer, Office of the City Cooperative Officer, and the Office of the City Information Officer, in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991 or Republic Act No. 7160, believing that the creation of these offices will help enhance the delivery of educational, health, and social services to the community, particulary among those living in the countrysides.

In effect, Mrs. Dayo said that on November of 1993, San Pablo was chosen as “The Most Outstanding Local Government Unit (City Level)” under a program being implemented jointly by the National Economics and Development Council (NEDA), the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Health (DOH), with some supports from the Department of Agriculture (DA), and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), and the award was personally received by Mayor Vicente B. Amante from President Fidel V. Ramos during a program held at Malacañang Palace’s Heroes Hall. A feat that the mayor repeats every November until Year 1998, because of his invaluable service to the City of San Pablo, particularly in the field of health, social welfare, and gender and development.

As one of the program coordinators of Mayor Amante, Mrs. Lolita S. Dayo, was subsequently chosen as “Women Executive of the Year” for Region IV by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), making her the only provincial/city government department head to received such award, since the previous awardees were either provincial governors or regional directors of the line agencies of the Philippine Government.

It was also recalled by Mrs. Dayo, that though not always the first placer, San Pablo City is always included among the Green Banner Awardees (for City Level) in Region IV-A from 1996 to 2001 under a program of the Department of Agriculture being implemented by the National Nutrition Council (NNC). This is reflective of the concern for the health and welfare of the young. Under the administration of Mayor Vic Amante, it was observed that annually, a Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) from San Pablo are being chosen as outstanding in the region, and the awards are being granted by the Secretary of Agriculture. (Beneta News)

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