October 19, 2010


SAN PABLO CITY – At the strike of 12:00 midnight, a total of 2,547 candidates filed their certificates of candidacy at the Office of the City
Election Officer here.  1,654 are for the positions of Punong Barangay and Kagawad of the Sangguniang Barangay, and 893 are for the position of Chairman and Kagawad of the Sangguniang Kabataan. There are 80 barangays here, and 50 of which are considered rural communities according to City Election Officer Patrick H. Arbilo.

     There are 134,486 registered adult voters in the city, and Arbilo said the holding of barangay elections here are always peacefull and orderly, particularly that in the rural barangays, those contending for the same position are relatives.    

Statistics Quiz isasagawa ng NSO

     LIPA CITY - Ngayong buwan ng Oktubre ang mga Panglalawigang Tanggapan ng Pambansang Tanggapan ng Estadistika o National Statistics Office (NSO) ay magsasagawa ng kanya-kanyang Provincial Elimination para sa 19th Philippine Statistics Quiz (PSQ).  Ang nasabing paligsahan sa larangan ng Estadistika ay isinasagawa taun-taon ng NSO sa pakikipagtulungan sa Philippine Statistical Association (PSA).   Ito ay naglalayong malaman ang kakayahan ng mga estudyanteng nasa unang taon sa kolehiyo tungkol sa Estadistika na napag-aralan nila noong sila ay nasa high school pa.     Nilalayon din nito na malaman ng publiko ang kahalagahan ng  estadistika (o datos) sa pagpaplano para umunlad ang ating bansa. Ito ang ipinahayag ni Director Rosalinda Bautista ng NSO-Region IV-A na may punong tanggapan sa lunsod na ito.
     Sang-ayon kay Bb. Bautista,  ang unang magsasagawa ng provincial elimination ngayong buwan ng Oktubre ay ang lalawigan ng Batangas na gaganapin sa Oktubre 20.   Ang lalawigan ng Cavite at Rizal ay sa Oktubre 22;  samantalang ang Laguna at Quezon ay sa Oktubre 28. Ang limang mangunguna sa bawat probinsya ay maglalaban-laban sa Nobyembre 23 para mapili  ang magiging regional champion na kakatawan sa CALABARZON sa 19th Philippine Statistical Quiz.na gaganapin sa Maynila sa Disyembre 8, 2010.   
     Ang tatanghaling kampeon sa regional elimination ay tatanggap ng P5,000-cash,  samantala ang first runner-up ay tatanggap ng  P3,000, at ang second runner-up ay tatanggap ng  P 2,000 Ang kanilang mga coach ay makakatanggap din ng salapi na katumbas ng kalahati ng tatanggapin ng kanilang estudyanteng nanalo. Inaasahang magkakamit ng P25,000 ang magiging PSQ National Champion at ang kanyang coach ay tatanggap ng P12,500, pahayag pa rin ni Director Rose Bautista.  (NSO-Region IV-A Release)


The simple paraphernalia in processing popcorn commonly seen during fiesta and in fairs. 

     Thousands of years ago before the advent of movies, people were already eating popcorn.  Discovered by the Native Americans in ancient times, popcorn is a great snack rediscovered in modern times for its healthy benefits.  This is probably one of the greatest rediscovery of an indigenous food technology.  Today, popcorn is not only the snacks of the youngsters and lovers going to the movies but the oldies, too.  It is becoming a popular item in malls, in theaters, in parks, along busy streets by the cart vendors and even in remote rural areas during fiestas and other community gatherings.  But perhaps, the favorite place to eat popcorn is at the movie houses nowadays.

     A group of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Extension revealed that “there is no end to the uses of popcorn” and also said that “one recipe book lists 200 different recipes” from popcorn.

     “Nutritionally, it is one of the best all-around snack foods, providing 67% as much protein, 110% as much iron and as much calcium as an equal amount of beef.  An average 1.5-ounce serving of popcorn supplies the same energy as two eggs; and a cup of unbuttered popcorn contains less calories than half a medium grapefruit.  In addition, hull is excellent rouphage, comparing favorably with bran flakes or whole wheat toast.”

     An online contributing writer, Kristin Swain, reported that popcorn which are popped using hot air machine rather than by roasting or microwaving contains over 40 different nutrients that are recommended by medical professionals to intake on a daily basis.  As a grain, she said that it has more protein than any other whole grain.

     A popcorn snack is a convenient and fun way to meet the daily intake of whole grains.  As a whole grain, it includes all three parts of a grain, namely;  the endosperm, the germ, and the bran.  The bran which contains antioxidants, fiber and B vitamins is the multi-layered outer skin protecting the kernel from damage by water, weather, insect pests and diseases.

     The endosperm in the middle of the grain provides energy to the plant and is the largest part of the kernel that contains starchy carbohydrates, proteins and small amounts of vitamins and minerals.  On the other hand, the nutrient-packed germ is the embryo of the seed or grain that will grow into a seedling when the right germination condition is provided.  It contains B vitamins, some proteins, minerals and healthy fats.  In contrast, the germ and bran have been stripped from milled or refined grains. 

     Swain further pointed out:  “The outer layers of the popcorn, including the hull, are good sources of protein, iron, and phosphorus.  Popcorn contains more iron content than spinach or eggs.  It also has more phosphorus and fiber than baked chips or pretzels.”

     Even  the American Dental Association (ADA)  listed popcorn as a recommended sugar-free snack.  Its rank in the ADA’s list is next to common diet foods such as yogurt, nuts, and celery.  It is a sugar-free and fat-free snack that is also low in calories.  Popcorn that is unbuttered and unsalted contains between 25 and 55 calories per serving.  

     It is also listed with the American Diabetes Association as a possible starch substitute on their controlled diets because of its sugar-free and high fiber content.

     Swain said, “Because popcorn is a good source of fiber, iron, and protein, and also assists the body in digestion while being low in calories, the American Diabetes Association allows bread to be exchanged for a serving of popcorn on its weight control diets.”

      While these reports are interesting plus the fact that popcorn is becoming a popular snacks of the Filipinos, however, there are no domestic production of popcorn grains in the country that the supply for this purpose comes largely from imports.  “We have no local popcorn variety released yet although there are some native varieties” states a report from the laguna.net.  “We import practically all our popcorn”, the report said.(MSC/Carlos J. Andam & Triniza S. Jardin-Millare) 


     SAN PABLO CITY- Mayor Vicente B. Amante was beaming with pride and joy when Vice Mayor Angelita E. Yang presented the Plaque of Recognition received by the City Government of San Pablo from the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) and the Department  of Tourism during the 11th ATOP National Convention held at Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales last October 5, 2010 when San Pablo City’s 15th Coconut Festival and Fair held last January 9-15, 2010 was adjudged “2010 Best Tourism Event Grand Winner, Festival Category, City Level.” The awards was signed by Tourism Secretary Alberto A. Lim, and ATOP National President Roselyn Armida Merlin.

      Vice Mayor Angie Yang who headed the city delegation to the national convention reported that  Cadiz City in Negros Occidental is the first runner-up, and Muntinlupa City in Metro Manila is the second runner-up.

       City Administrator Loreto S. Amante, Over-All Chairman of the Executive Committee that manage the Annual Coconut Festival, said the awards of recognition is not only for the committee head by Mayor Vicente B. Amante as honorary chairman, but for all San Pableños, since the holding of the 15th Coconut Festival and Fair, highlighted by Mardi Gras Contest held last January 13th, to coincide with the commemoration of the 414th  Founding Anniversary of the Parish of Saint Paul, the First Hermit (which is now the seat of the Diocese of  San Pablo), was a collective efforts of the different sectors of San Pablo.  He added that the award was made possible by the support of both the public and private sectors, to include the different business establishments, academic institutions, service organizations, and civic clubs. The recognition will served as an inspiration to all San Pablenos in the holding of the 16th Coconut Festival and Fair which will be held on January 9 – 15, 2011..

     In a public statement, City Administrator Loreto S.. Amante recognizes the efforts  of the City Information Office for preparing the audio-visual presentations and other required documentations submitted to the Department of Tourism that served basis in the selection of  the Best Tourism Events during Calendar Year 2010. (CIO/Nancy M. Belarmino)

100 days of AGHAM Party-List in Congress

     WHAT has been done by AGHAM Party-List in its first 100 days of service to support the goals of the science and technology (S&T) sector?
“When we started in July this year, AGHAM has identified priorities which we will pursue with corresponding legislation for the next three years. As of today, we have already filed 29 legislative measures,” said AGHAM Rep. Angelo B. Palmones.

     Rep. Palmones said that AGHAM is taking an active role in addressing national problems needing direct Science & Technology intervention, such as issues on health, food, natural resources, and environment, among others. To address environmental concerns, AGHAM has filed House Bill No. 03103 (providing for protection and sustainable management of forest ecosystem) and House Bill No. 00844 (promoting national strategy for sustainable mangrove resources). Just submitted is a resolution (House Resolution No. 00508) directing BIR, MWSS, Maynilad, Manila Water , NIA, NPC, PSALM and DENR to inform the House of Representatives on the status of fund collection for environmental conservation and reforestation services and how these have been utilized, in aid of legislating a national reforestation program; while a resolution (House Resolution No. 00301) to immediately stop importation of choice cuts (frozen chicken) has been filed and adopted. On health, House Bill No. 02005 (providing free pulmonary function tests and treatment for smoke-related diseases); House Bbill No. 01603 (institutionalizing tribal health workers); and House Bill No. 02889 ( strengthening the barangay nutrition scholar program) have been filed.

     “We also support the move to allot bigger budget for research and development (R&D), i.e. at least 0.80% of the country’s GDP,” continued Rep. Palmones. As initial step, he said that he has filed House Resolution No. 00200 directing concerned institutions to submit to the Committee on Science and Technology of the House of Representatives the priority industries to be developed and the technologies and policies needed to support these industries, to help them determine the needed funding support for research and development and extension. He added that he has also filed House Bill No. 03382 (an act to establish financial management reforms for government research and development operations).

     Rep. Palmones assures AGHAM’s support to Science, Engineering and Mathematics education in order to guarantee the country’s steady supply of talented S&T knowledge workers. “However, it is equally important that we create job opportunities for graduates of science and engineering,” he said. Relative to this, he has filed House Bill No. 00842 (regulating the practice of microbiology in the Philippines), House Bill No. 00844 (promoting the growth of biotechnology industry in the Philippines and the creation of wealth from biodiversity) and House Bill No. 02701 (regulating and modernizing the practice of chemistry in the Philippines). (AGHAM/Vicky B. Bartilet)


     Ipinaaalaala ng Resolution No. 9043 na pinagtibay ng Commission on Elections noong Setyembre 22, 2010 na ang ipinahihintulot na campaign materials ay ang mga sumusunod: mga munting babasahin, tarheta, sulat, at sticker na ang sukat ay hindi lalaki sa 8.5 pulgada ang lapad at 14 pulgada ang haba ng kinalilimbagang papel. o karton.

      Sang-ayon kay OIC City Election Officer Patrick Arbilo,  ipinahihintulot din ang poster na maaaring nakalimbag sa tela, sa cardboard, at sa tarpaulin, na ang sukat ay hindi dapat na lumaki sa 2 piye ang lapad at 3 piye ang haba.

      Maaari ring magpagawa ng streamer na ang sukat ay 3 piye ang lapad, at 8 piye ang haba na ilalagay sa dakong pagdarausan ng papulong o miting, limang (5) araw bago isagawa ang papulong, na dapat alisin kaagad pagkatapos ng pulong o political rally.

     Sang-ayon sa mga umiiral na batas at alituntunin na panghalalan, ang dapat gugulin ng isang kandidato ay hindi dapat humigit sa P3 bawa’t rehistradong botante sa barangay,  Halimbawa, kung sa barangay ay may 500 rehistradong botante, ang gugugulin ng isang naghahangad maging punong barangay ay hindi dapat humigit sa P1,500. Ang lahat ng nagkandidato, nanalo at natalo, ay may pananagutang maglahad sa Office of the Election Officer ng Statement of Contributions and Expenditures o pinanumpaang pahayag sa tinanggap niyang tulong at kabuuang halagang nagugol, na inihanda sa dalawang kopya, na dapat tanggapan ng Election Officer sa o bago ang Nobyembre 10, 2010, paalaala pa ni OIC Arbilo.(Ruben E. Taningco)

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