January 6, 2011

Formulated Parker Quink

(August 25, 1892 – January 11, 1969)

A well-known chest physician who was appointed Chairman of the Board of Examiners of Medicine by President Manuel L. Quezon.  He was later appointed as the Second City Mayor of San Pablo in February 1941 since Dr. Potenciano Malvar stayed in office for only one month. But he abandoned his position during the Japanese Occupation to avoid prosecution on suspicion that he was supporting the guerilla movements in the area. He was also granted by the succeeding Presidents of the Republic of the Philippines as “Ambassador at-Large” so he can travel abroad with ease to attend conferences on medicine, particularly on tuberculosis.

Dr. Manuel A. Quisumbing prepared a formula for the preparation of ink originally being produced and distributed by Philippine Ink, Incorporated before World War II, and when the researchers of Parker Pen of U. S. A.  observed that   Quisumbing Ink    “clean your pen while it writes,” they bought the formula for an undetermined amount and distributed it worldwide as “Parker QUINK.”

Conserving Fuel Is Patriotism

SAN PABLO CITY – Every vehicle owner and driver must try to practice fuel conservation and efficiency on the road,    since fuel conservation is complimentary to the protection of natural resources and proper maintenance of the ecological balance in the country,     Mayor Vicente B. Amante told a group of city officials from the Heritage City of Vigan in Ilocos Sur headed by Mayor Ferdinand C. Medina  that saw   him at  his   office at the   3rd  Floor of the 8-Storey Building recently.

            Amante believes that fuel conservation will help cushion the effect of the continuing devaluation of peso, o fluctuating cost of petroleum products in the international market, since it will help in conserving dollars for the country, since it is aimed at ensuring a continuous, adequate, and economical  supply of energy the end view of ultimately achieving self-reliance in the country’s energy requirements. Fuel conservation through efficient utilization of resources keep pace with our country’s growth and economic development, so it is a patriotic deed, and as wise as conserving electricity.

            It may be recalled that Amante spearheaded a local movement during the late 60s that enhanced the local jeepney body building industry, virtually making jeepney body  building a   “one-town-one-product-program” for San Pablo City,  that for his effort, he was cited by President Corazon C. Aquino as a “Pioneer Industrialist in the Southern Tagalog Region in 1987” on the recommendation of the Laguna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc, and by the Provincial Government of Laguna  the “Gawad Pinakama-Ningning na Alagad ng Sining 2005”  for his creativity in redesigning the passenger jeepney and simplified its production process until it meet the standard of international market that help make Laguna a tourist destination. He put into practice the value of keeping his jeepney engine in A-1 Condition at all time to help conserve fuel and keep the environment clean.

            If only the people will use electricity wisely, Amante believes they will be preserving nature, for energy efficiency help ease environmental stress, and judicious use of electricity also help preserve water and other resources like coal and oil. It will help protect the country from virtual self-destruction. (RET)

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