February 22, 2015


Sa mga pinunong barangay, na ang marami rito ay “may pinag-aralan,” na naghahanap pa ng ispisipikong memorandum mula sa Department of the Interior and Local Government, o Punonglalawigan/Punumbayan para kanilang ipatupad ang mga tadhana ng Ecological Solid Waste Management Act at ng Clean Air Act, ay naririto ang pahayag ni Senadora Loren Legarda, “You keep looking for alternatives, you keep holding multi-sectoral talks, you keep researching. What more are you consulting about when all our research is already in the law? You just need to implement it.” 

Free Legal Assistance in City of Cabuyao Laguna


Obelisk for the memory of 600 Chinese patriots executed by the Military Police Corps (KEMPEITEI) in Barrio Concepcion 70th years ago. We hope that the program organizers for the formal unveiling of this monument come Tuesday morning, will prepare the official translation in Filipino of the inscription.

If we may recall, history reveals that the relationship between China and the Philippines were always based on friendship and cooperation. Historians recorded that during the early period of the Spanish Era, the Chinese were always siding with the natives in any of their attempted revolts against the colonizers; same during the Filipino-Spanish, and Filipino-American Wars, but there are no recording in the history that Filipino-Chinese War ever occurred. (RET)

Consumers urged to conserve water

ALAMINOS, Laguna,(PNA) – The Alaminos Water District called on consumers and stakeholders here Monday to conserve water, saying the natural resource has limitations, just like other resources.
The global community will observe “World Water Day” on March 22.
Emiliano D. Castillo, Alaminos Water District general manager, said that through the years, potable water supply and consumption may reach critical levels due to climate change and every stakeholder should do his or her part to conserve this vital natural resource.
Castillo urged household and consumers to observe simple and basic water conservation practices such as checking on water pipes for leaks or busted lines and dripping faucets due to loose valves.

While reeling with prices of electricity, households are advised to also pay attention to unnecessary wastage of the precious resources due to leakage, which will cause them additional costs on water consumption as registered in their water meters.
The Alaminos Water District manager also advised households using water tanks and water pumps to check on the water line, pump and tank if the automated mechanisms are in good operational conditions to avoid extra consumption costs.
Castillo said “watering of plants must be done sparingly especially during the dry season as plants also have their natural limited absorptive capacity for water intake.”
He said even fallen leaves on the ground or any earth-covering plants should not be swept or removed to allow these earth-coverings to maintain the moisture content of the soil and avoid dry exposure.

“Water conservation is everybody’s concern,” said Castillo and “ doing these simple tips could help a lot to save on water and in fact contribute to giving access of safe drinking water to other residents in need in slums and depressed areas.”
The United Nations General Assembly set the date on March 22, 1993 as the first World Water Day owing to increasing demand for water access, allocation and services when it hosted the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).
Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. Under the theme "Water and Sustainable Development", the year 2015 provides an important opportunity to consolidate and build upon the previous World Water Days to highlight water's role in the sustainable development agenda.

The global observance serves to bring attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. (PNA) 
LAP/ZT/R. Taningco/eds

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