December 4, 2010


      An aggregate total of 585 pregnant mothers, representing the 217 barangay comprising the 3rd Congressional District of Laguna attended the 1st Buntis Congress sponsored by Congresswoman Ma. Evita R. Arago last Sunday at the Siesta Residencia de Arago at Green Valley Subdivision in Barangay San Francisco, San Pablo City.

      Raised in a rural atmosphere, whose first public office held was as Chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan of Barangay San Francisco while still a high school students, then after completing a colleges was elected first councilor or senior member of the Sangguniang Panglunsod of San Pablo, Congresswoman Ma. Evita R. Arago fully understand that the basic reason behind  the medical causes of maternal death and disability are a range of social, economic and cultural factors that contribute to women’s health and nutritional problems before, during and after pregnancy, and are integrally linked to women’s low utilization of available health services.                     
     These factors according to the congresswoman, who herself is five-month pregnant, include inadequate education, low social status, and lack of income and employment opportunities. Efforts to address these factors are also important for improving maternal health in the long term. This is the reason for holding this “Buntis Congress” as part of the campaign of her office to promote Safe Motherhood in her district. The congress is actually a seminar on safe motherhood and maternal care, actual examinations of those observed to be having some pregnancy problems by invited specialists in the field of obstetric and gynycology practice.

     Three dental practioners from the San Pablo City Dental Society help raise awareness of pregnant mothers on proper dental care, both for mother and their would be child.
     Dr. Rowena Raymundo, a known obstetrician-gynycologist in the city discussed what must be known by mothers about pregnancy, then she invited those appearing needs special attention to be actually examined. And also at the expense of the Office of Congresswoman Ivy Arago, 100 pregnant mothers were sent to a private clinic for routine fetal ultrasound screening using ultrasound echo (sonographic) equipment.

     Pastor Joel Macaraig, Public Affairs and Communication Director of South-Central Luzon Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Inc; and Mrs. Pamela Aranguren-Reodique of the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. with the use of visual aid, impart good practices on parenting and management of pregnant woman,  and shared knowledge on  how children must be cared and guided.  Raffled were maternity dresses, umbrella, baby’s wear, fortified  milks, and other supplies needed both by a pregnant or lactating mother. (Ruben E. Tanigco)

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